The J750 Connex color printer announced earlier this month comes with an updated software program PolyJet Studio.  Many of our users are familiar with the Objet Studio software that is bundled with the PolyJet machines, and the PolyJet Studio is an updated version that is optimized for the J750.

When we say optimized, the software includes color management as well as simplified operations.  Once the part is opened in preparation for the build tray, the screen gives you the options on what colors are loaded into the “filing cabinet” which are the material docking stations.  The J750 can handle 6 different build materials as well as 2 support canisters, giving the user 7 different materials to use to make their part.

The materials are automatically on the screen from what is in the loading docks, and when the part color is selected, the software will also show you the material selection against what is possible according to what is loaded into the machine.  Parts that are selected for color, if different colors are to be done in different aspects of the part, should have different shells so colors can be different per area.  In other words, the simple way to take advantage of all the color selections is to have a part with different shells that the entire part is then saved as an assembly into a STL file.

Here is an example of how the screen works by looking at an assembly of a foot model.  The outside is clear and the bones are white.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.51.37 PM

You can see that the screen is slightly different than the Objet Studio, in that there are additional material options to select from as well as color blanket to adjust the colors selected for the shell.

The new screen also has a slightly different feel where you can easily minimize areas that you are not working with such as the tray options or the model properties.

One part of the revamped program is the color comparison area at the bottom of the model properties.  On this area, you can select a color for a shell and the machine will tell you what the color will be in reality versus what you select and you can adjust.

This is an illustration.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.52.03 PM

Note the slight difference in the selected color versus the actual in the first panel.  This is due to the slight gray cast of one of the Vero materials that are used in the assigned materials.  But you can adjust the color selection to show a better color and it will adjust the mix.  In the second case, a different base material was selected; the VeroPureWhite and the difference disappeared.

This example is just one area of the J750 and PolyJet Studio interface that a custom can use to make better, brighter, faster and more complex parts.  For details, contact Engatech at 866-499-7500 or email


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