Problem: Support material was not printing.

Background: A Connex 350 machine continued to have failed builds after cleaning, purging and troubleshooting. Examination of the machine revealed that the support materials were not being dispensed in each pass of the head, and the machine was stopping the builds.

Assessment: Troubleshooting for possible head starvation issues and clogged nozzles in the print head.

Fix: After troubleshooting and a review of configuration files, it was determined that the support heads needed to be replaced. Further questioning of the customer noted that the machine was in a hot environment where the materials and machine were regularly exposed to temperatures over 85 degrees F on a daily basis. Recommended temperatures for operation of the machine and storage of the materials noted that the storage temps should be between 15 °C and 25 °C (60 and 77 degrees F) and the room where both the machine operated and materials were stored were usually above 85 degrees F during the nights with excursions to above 95 degrees F ( 30 – 35 degrees C) on a regular basis.

Conclusions – elevated temperatures contributed to early head replacement due to materials reacting to heightened temps over a long period of time while in storage and in the machine.

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