Changing the Medical Industry with 3D Printing

3D Printing in the Medical Field

Stratasys 3D printers are transforming the medical industry by empowering doctors, researchers, and medical device manufactures  to create fully customized 3D models faster and in more advanced material options and colors then ever before.

Using 3D printing in the medical field is giving patients a new chance and hope of a healthier life.  Check out the information below to see how 3D printing is currently being used in the medical industry or contact us today for a one-on-one consultation with our 3D printing specialists.

3D Printed Medical Devices for Design Verification

Prototypes / Design Verification 

3D printing detailed concept models let you gather feedback, review, and make revisions on virtually any medical device.  Rapidly and reliably test fit, form, and function with parts printed using production-grade materials.

Using the advanced line of 3D printing materials you can print prototypes that withstand thermal, chemical, & mechanical stress.  3D printing allows you to optimize designs quickly & cost-effectively to get to market faster.

Now we can refine our designs more before we start cutting metal, which is where the dollars start going up exponentially. That saves the company a lot of money. But the intangibles like timing issues, communication, and the value-added services are where we see the greatest benefits.MedtronicRead the full case study

Low Volume Production Parts

Stratasys 3D Printing solutions work hand in hand with your current processes and finished product materials.  Using Stratasys 3D printers you can print high resolution injection molds, strong PC forming patterns or detailed casting patterns – all at a lower cost and much faster turn around time.

You can use this method for a low volume production order or to produce a prototype in your pre-approved end use material at a fraction of the normal cost.

By being able to print the mold components, we can supply our customers with prototypes in a matter of days rather than weeks – and it’s actually less expensive.Diversified PlasticsRead the full case study

Medical Device Prototype created using a 3D printed mold
Medical Prototype 3D Printed with Ultem 1010 thermoplastic material

Advanced Materials

Using advanced 3D printing materials that include sterilizable and biocompatible materials, you can quickly create manufacturing tools and fixtures overnight, custom molds, and/or cutting guides for accurate cuts or to shape patient implants prior to a procedure.

FDM technology offers tough thermoplastics in both biocompatible and sterilizable materials at a layer resolution up to .005 inches (127 microns). While PolyJet Technology offers a transparent biocompatalbe material at a layer resolution up to .0006 inches (16 microns).

Medical specific 3D printing materials include: Thermoplastics: ABS-M30i, PC-ISO, ABSi, & Ultem 1010.  Photopolymer Resin – Rigid Med610, Full Color Rigid & Flex digital materials.

Surgical Planning / Teaching

3D printing is changing the way surgeries are preformed and what is considered inoperable.   Use 3D models to assist in pre surgical planning and the teaching of new medical students. Allow surgeons to operate with greater clarity by letting them view and even practice on a 3D model based on real patient imaging that mimics a variety of tissue properties.

PolyJet Technology offers multiple materials and colors in a single print with an accuracy of  +/- .0039 inches for realistic pre-surgery planning models.

We will literally simulate the entire surgery in advance. Once we have a patient on the operating table it means we have already planned the entire procedure, which means we are faster and that the risk of mistakes is greatly decreased.Casa di Cura Villa Sant’ApolloniaRead full case study

3D Printing for Surgical Planning

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