Engatech is pleased to announce the newest Polyjet machine in the Stratasys line-up.  The J750 takes 3D printing to the highest available precision and color production using a unique print head configuration, droplet dispensing and integrated color management system.  So this new machine brings you three distinct areas of new products:

New print head with 6 material channels.  This means increased speed, increased material options, and increased utility.  4x time the number of nozzles means better accuracy, speed and material yields and with more options on color, transparency, materials and decoration.

New workflow where color and Adobe technology are integrated into the printing design.  New Creative Color Software works the machine and with PolyJet Studio with on more file types, easier information transfer, easy interface, more material types, a better user experience and more flexibility to get just the right color and materials for parts.

Virtually no material changeovers since you can load 6 different build material plus one support material.

Along with this incredible machine, it comes with the industry leading warranty program.  With the Diamond warranty the machine is covered including the printheads for 3 years.  The warranty is included with the purchase of the machine at no additional cost.

The J750 is an incredible value and gives customer incredible parts.  Why not ask if this is the right fit for you and your firm today?  Call Engatech or email us at 866-499-7500 or email sales@engatech.com.

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