FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) Material Selection Guide

Material Highlights

ABSPlus Color Samples

ABSplus & ABS-M30

  • Versatile & durable material: good for form, fit and fictional applications
  • Familiar production material for accurate prototyping. Legos are made from ABS.
  • Variety of color options: Ivory, White, Black, Dark Gray, Red, Blue, Olive Green*, Nectarine*, Fluorescent Yellow*
  • *ABSplus color options only


  • Build UV-stable parts with the best aesthetics of any FDM material
  • Ideal for end-use parts for outdoor & automotive functional prototyping
  • Ideal material for sparse interior builds
  • Available Colors: Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, White, Ivory, Dark Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. All colors come in a matte finish
PLA Material


  • Ideal applications for PLA include early concept modeling and fast prototyping
  • Most economical material with ultra-fast low-cost draft mode
  • Color Options: Black, White, Light Gray, Medium Gray, Red, Blue, Colorless Translucent, Red Translucent, Blue Translucent, Yellow Translucent, Green Translucent
Assembly Tool electronic components using static dissipative 3D printing material


  • Static dissipative material
  • Makes great assembly tools for electronic and static sensitive products
  • Widely used for functional prototypes of cases, enclosures and packaging
  • Color: Black
3D printed medical prototype


  • Bio-compatible (ISO 10993 USP Class VI) material
  • Sterilization using gamma radiation or ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization methods
  • Best fit for applications requiring good strength and sterilization – surgical planning models, tools, & fixtures.
  • Color: Ivory


  • Translucent material ideal for automotive design and monitoring fluid movement such as in medical-device prototyping
  • Good blend of mechanical and aesthetic properties
  • Colors: Colorless Translucent, Translucent Amber, Translucent Red


  • Most widely used industrial thermoplastic with superior mechanical properties and heat resistance
  • Accurate, durable and stable for strong parts, patterns for metal bending and composite work
  • Great for demanding prototyping needs, tooling and fixtures
  • Color: White


  • Superior mechanical properties and heat resistance of PC AND excellent feature definition and surface appeal of ABS
  • Great material for functional prototyping & tooling
  • Highest impact strength
  • Color: Black
Bottle Blow Mold 3D Printed in PC ISO


  • Biocompatible (ISO 10993 USP Class VI)1 material
  • Sterilizable using gamma radiation or ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization methods
  • Applications requiring higher strength and sterilization – surgical planning models, tools, fixtures, and food packaging
  • Color: White, Translucent Natural
Battery Box 3D Printed in FDM Nylon 12

Nylon 12

  • Fatigue resistant, high elongation at break, and impact/vibration resistant
  • Excellent for repetitive snap fits and press fit inserts applications
  • Simple, clean process – free of powders
  • Color: Black
Manufacturing Jig 3D Printing in FDM Nylon 6

Nylon 6

  • High strength & stiffness, better appearance, impact resistant
  • Build jigs, fixtures, guides, guards and other manufacturing aids. Tooling for low-volume, high-requirement parts .
  • Test the functional performance of components like pedals, handles, bindings, gears, joints, bearings, fasteners and covers.
  • Color: Black
Nylon 12CF Material

Nylon 12CF

  • Highest tensile strength, highest specific stiffness.
  • Strong but lightweight tooling applications and functional prototypes.
  • Allows for the replacement of metal tooling for applications such as forming and end-of-arm tooling
  • Color: Dark Gray
Ultem 9085 - Black & Tan

Ultem 9085

  • FST (flame, smoke, toxicity)-certified thermoplastic
  • High heat and chemical resistance; highest tensile and flexural strength
  • Ideal for commercial transportation applications such as airplanes, buses, trains and boats
  • Color: Black, Tan
Updated nozzle part made with Ultem 1010, a flight grade 3D printing material

Ultem 1010

  • Highest strength, heat, chemical resistance. Bio-compatible and food safe
  • Large custom tools for metal, plastic or composite parts fabrication.
  • Aerospace and Automotive components including housings, ducts and semi-structural components.
  • Color: Gold


  • Combines heat and chemical resistance and good mechanical strength.
  • Can withstand a variety of sterilization methods including steam autoclaving, radiation and ethylene oxide.
  • Ideal for under-the-hood-automotive prototypes, sterilization medical devices
  • Color: Tan

Material Properties

MaterialASBplusASAABS-M30PLAABS-ESD7ABSiABS-M30iPC-ABSPC-ISOPCNylon 12Nylon 6Nylon 12CFUltem 9085Ultem 1010PPSF
Tensile Strength5,300 psi
(37 MPa)
XY: 4,720 psi (33 MPa)
Z: 4300 psi (30 MPa)
XY: 4,680 psi (32 MPa)      
Z: 4055 psi (28 MPa)
XY: 6,990 psi (48 MPa)
Z: 3,830 psi (26 MPa
5,200 psi
(36 MPa)
5,400 psi
(37 MPa
5,200 psi
(36 MPa)
XY: 5,040 psi (35 MPa)
Z: 4345 psi (30 MPa)
8,265 psi
(57 MPa)
9,800 psi
(68 MPa
7,000 psi
(48 MPa)
9,800 psi
(67.6 MPa)
10,967 psi
(75.6 MPa)
10,390 psi
(72 MPa)
12,000 psi
(83 MPa)
8,000 psi
(55 MPa
Elongation Strength3.0%XY: 9%
Z: 3%
XY: 7%
Z: 2%
XY: 1.5%    
Z: 1%
3.0%4.4%4.0%XY: 5%
Z: 2%
Flexural Stress7,600 psi
(53 MPa)
8,720 psi
(60 MPa)
8,729 psi
(60 MPa)
12,190 psi
(84 MPa)
8,800 psi
(61 MPa)
8,980 psi
(62 MPa)
8,800 psi
(61 MPa)
8,526 psi
(59 MPa)
13,089 psi
(90 MPa)
15,100 psi
(104 MPa)
10,000 psi
(69 MPa)
14,100 psi
(97 MPa)
20,665 psi
(142 MPa)
16,700 psi
(115.1 MPa)
N/A15,900 psi
(110 MPa)
IZOD Impact, Notched2.0 ft-lb/in (106 J/m)1.2 ft-lb/in (64 J/m)2.4 ft-lb/in (128 J/m)0.5 ft-lb/in (27 J/m)2.1 ft-lb/in (111 J/m)1.8 ft-lb/in (96 J/m)2.6 ft-lb/in (139 J/m)4.0 ft-lb/in (235 J/m)1.6 ft-lb/in (86 J/m)1.0 ft-lb/in (53 J/m)3.74 ft-lb/in (200 J/m)2.8 ft-lb/in (149 J/m)0.75 ft-lb/in (40 J/m)2.0 ft-lb/in (106 J/m)0.5 ft-lb/in (26 J/m)1.1 ft-lb/in (58.73 J/m)
Heat Deflection204°F (96°C)
208°F (98°C)204°F (96°C)
124°F (51°C)204°F (96°C)188°F (87°C)204°F (96°C)230°F (110°C)271°F (133°C)280°F (138°C)180°F (82°C)199°F (93°C)289°F (143°C)307°F (153°C)415°F (213°C)372°F (189°C)
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