3D Printing in the Consumer Goods Industry

Unleash Product Innovation 

3D printing in the consumer goods industry is unique because it is commonly used across multiple departments, from design to sales to manufacturing, and throughout the entire product development life cycle.

Stratasys 3D printing enables multiple concurrent prototypes to be printed in a matter of hours and unleashes a more creative and innovative design.  This leads to better quality products, reduces development time, tooling (errors), and helps get your product in stores faster.

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How are companies using 3D printing in the consumer goods industry? Multiple Design Iterations

Prototype Multiple Design Iterations

Gone are the days of waiting 3-5 days for your prototype to return from a service bureau. One of the greatest benefits of 3D printing in the consumer goods industry is the ability to have a realistic prototype in your hand within hours!

Cost effectively and efficiently explore creative ideas while preserving the confidentiality of your latest products. In-house 3D printing allows for innovation in the product design process leading to a higher quality product.

We needed a solution that would be a natural fit in our design process, allowing us to make as many iterations as we needed to achieve the high level of innovation and creativity we are known for.m3 Design – Download the full case study

Use Prototypes for Functional Testing

How many materials does your end product have on it? What if you could 3D print prototypes that look, feel, and function like your production parts? Stratasys 3D printers give you that option with a variety of material properties and colors that allow for increased functional testing.  Test your designs, find any mistakes faster, and enjoy the cost savings.

Choose from a full line of color materials, strong digital ABS, rubber-like materials, simulated polypropylene, and more.  Take it a step further and use up to three materials in a single print or mix them together to create a prototype with the same shore A value as your production part.

“It’s important for our prototype parts to look and feel like production parts.” TrekDownload the full case study

How are companies using 3D printing in the consumer goods industry? Functional Testing
How are companies using 3D printing in the consumer goods industry? Realistic Sales and Trade show Models

Realistic Models for Sales & Tradeshows

Another way companies are using 3D printing in the consumer goods industry is by producing functional 3D models they can take on the road or demo at trade shows.  3D printed sales models offer a impressive savings in both time and money without scarfing quality or realism. Start selling your products earlier with a 3D printed part.

Stratasys 3D printing allows you to put your best foot forward when meeting with potential buyers. A 3D printed part allows your customer to look at every aspect of the end product without breaking your budget on the high cost of using traditional manufacturing for a single prototype.  Get their feedback up front and blow them away with how quickly you can make changes and produce a revised prototype.

Production Support with Jigs & Fixtures

3D printing is changing how consumer goods companies do business, from product development to manufacturing. Stratasys 3D printers give you the ability to produce jigs & fixtures in durable materials that can stand up to the rugged manufacturing environment while enjoying a average lead time savings of 40%-90% and an average cost savings of 70%-95%.

Your return on investment only starts with time and money savings.  You get the added benefits of a streamlined and more efficient process, design freedom, and a reduction of inventory.  Print what you need, when you need it, and in the shape that works best.

“We also use the machines to produce specialized assembly tools, CMM (coordinate measuring machine) fixtures, engineering test fixtures, and CNC milling fixtures. We also make complete mockups. The machines are only limited by your imagination.” Oreck – Download the full case study

How are companies using 3D printing in the consumer goods industry? Custom Jigs & Fixtures

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