3D Printing In The Automotive Industry

Use Precision 3D Printing for Automotive Prototypes

3D printing in the automotive industry is being used to speed up new product testing, create complex production tools, produce prototypes that mimic reality, and aid in manufacturing small quantities of classic car parts that no longer exist.

If you need to cut development cost and reduce lead time on your automotive designs than a Stratasys 3D printer could be just what you need.  Check out the information below for more detailed information on 3D printing applications for the automotive industry or contact us today for a one-on-one consultation with our 3D printing specialists in Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, Tulsa, OK, AR, & LA.

3D printed prototypes used for functional testing

Rapid Prototypes for Functional Testing & Scale Models

Stratasys 3D printers are precise enough to produce accurate prototypes to validate your design or give you a scale model of your part or even a whole car.  This allows you to have the best quality design, increased feedback earlier in the design process, and saves you the time and money it would normally cost to make multiple metal tools at each design change.

In addition to design validation, the Stratasys 3D printing materials are strong enough for fit, form, & function testing.  Our materials are formulated to give you the strength and heat resistance capabilities you need to test your design in it’s real word environment.  We even have specialty translucent materials for light or water flow testing and printers that allow for large prototypes up to 3ft x 2ft x 3ft.

Highly Complex, Durable, & Lightweight Production Tools

Using 3D printing to produce manufacturing jigs & fixtures has many benefits above the time and cost savings compared to traditional manufacturing.  Our 3D printing materials are strong but they are also lightweight.  By giving you the option to print in a sparse-fill build you have more control on the weight of parts, especially those that are being used by workers hundreds of times in a shift.

Unlimited designs, speed and unattended operation are additional benefits.  3D printing allows you to design manufacturing tools for your workers not the manufacturing process.  Increase efficiency and ease of use while decreasing mistakes and cost.  Print new tools overnight – no additional operator required – and have then ready for your workers the next day!

3D printed ergonomic production jig
3D printed custom wheel

Benefits of 3D Printing in the Automotive Industry

Using 3D printing in the automotive industry gives you the following benefits:

> Unsupervised builds VS a CNC Machine that requires a full time operator
> Cost Effective Customization
> Improved quality and speed of prototypes
> Ability to create large prototypes in strong materials such as Ultem
> Increased communication and feedback earlier in the design cycle
> Increased production with optimized tools
> Decreased design time with functional testing
> Cost reductions in engineering documentation, warehousing, and

Testimonials & Case Studies

D3 Performance Engineering – Design Validation & Testing 
 “We take our parts, put them in 3D CAD models and then we print them out and test them on the vehicle to verify the design.

> BMW – Manufacturing Jigs and Fixtures with FDM 3D printing
FDM is talking on increasing importance as an alternative manufacturing method for components made in small numbers

> Volvo – Prototypes for Water Flow Testing with PolyJet 3D printing
3D printing will make it possible to build mock-up engine comments so feedback can be provided at a much earlier stage. 

> Bently Motors – Exact Scale Models with PolyJet 3D printing
With this technology, we can simulate exactly how the car will look.

Volvo using 3D printing for functional testing on prototypes

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