More companies are using 3D printers than ever before. As the technology advances, people are discovering new applications and ways to become more efficient with a 3D printer. One industry that is recently discovering the benefits of 3D printing is the film industry.

Directors of world renowned films are using 3D printing to speed up the development and release of their movies.  One of the best examples of films using the technology of 3D printers is that of the 2010 film Iron Man 2. With the printers, the producers of the film have printed a life sized suit in which Robert Downey Jr. used during many scenes within the film.

Another example of 3D printer use can be found in a late Harry Potter film. The producers needed a smaller vision of a giant spider that they created, so they scanned the artificial creature and then used a 3D printer to replicate it. You can see this spider on Ron’s head in the picture below.

3D printers are used in commercials too because the technology has proved to be one of the fastest ways to meet the high demands of the industry. Used in a commercial for Halo TV, a high detailed suit was thrown onto the silver screen. The producer admitted that without such technologies, the demands of the consumers would be impossible to meet without 3D printing.

In horror movies in past decades, making life-like creatures for the big screen has also proven to be a decent challenge. In movies that needed creatures, like sea urchins or gorillas, this technology had high expectations. Never disappointing, the printers lived up to the hype and exceeded what the producers imagined.

In Guardians of the Galaxy, the possibilities were put into the limelight. 3D printers were used to create the costume for Korath the Pursuer and also the dark lord helmet. In many different instances, the technology was used. Of course, this technology has only been utilized in such a way in recent years, so there is a lot of room for growth.

Before, the act of developing props for films has been a rigorous one. Now that such a fall back is available, 3D printing will be used in movies in the foreseeable future. Even more so, now that the technology seems to be replacing the old ways of producing props all together as one woman from Prop Shop stated “ We are changing the way that props are being made..” continuing on to say that “everything we do is 100 percent digital.”

In the war based movie Zero Dark Thirty, the night vision goggles that were desired were too expensive for budget, so when pictures of the goggles were leaked online, the 3D printer was again utilized to make models of the goggles in a more efficient, affordable way. Now that such success has come off of the productions, it seems to be taking over the industry completely.

3D printing has undoubtedly made a positive impact on the film industry and will continue to do so, as producers become familiar with the applications and become aware of the benefits.

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