3D Printing In Architecture

3D Print Beautiful, Durable, & Highly Precise Architecture Models

Gain a competitive edge by utilizing 3D printing in architecture.  3D printing architectural models can improve the design time without sacrificing the required fine details of the final architecture model.

There is no substitute for the tactile and visual feedback a physical model can provide.  A Stratasys 3D printer allows you to use the 3D CAD data you already have to print out both simple and complex architectural models at a lower cost and faster turn around time than traditional hand-made cardboard or balsa wood models.

Contact us today to learn all the ways a 3D printer could benefit your architecture business and check out the below case studies to see how 3D printing is already helping architecture firms around the world!

Win More Projects 

“The printer has saved us a huge amount of time and has given us the opportunity to take on more projects.  Using the Dimension [3D] printer is like having an extra member of staff.” Paul Davis + Partners

Outsourcing its model-building was one option the firm explored, however past experience had shown this method to be too costly and less flexible than having their own facilities in-house.  Instead Paul Davis + Partners turned toward technology and made the choice to invest in a 3D printer which would easily produce a highly durable model in a matter of hours, rather than the days or weeks that it would take to build one by hand.

The firm selected the Dimension SST 1200es 3D Printer for its precise detailing and use of ABSplus materials. The other solutions they looked at, did not have the high quality material properties or accuracy that the Dimension printer offered. Since its arrival, the Dimension 3D printer has been continuously running, with the exception of one week’s rest.

It has enabled models to be constructed throughout the design process, helping Paul Davis + Partners to be more creative and giving them the freedom to test their designs throughout the initial phases of the projects. “The Dimension 3D printer allows us to communicate and collaborate without ambiguity and the ABS models enable everyone to review concepts accurately.”

Read the full case study

3D Printing Is A Game Changer

The Fortus 250 has been a game changer in our ability to make physical models.  It’s crisp, clean models have helped our design team and our clients visualize the project early and often in the design process. 

The crew at Engatech were also instrumental in helping KSQ select the right printer for our needs.  They have been great to work with throughout the process of owning and operating our Fortus 250.” KSQ Architects – http://www.ksqarchitects.com

The learning curve on a Stratasys 3D printer is very short.  In most cases the installed and training of the printer can be completed in less than a day.

3D Printers of Choice for Architects 

The most popular choice of 3D printers among professional architects & civil engineers are the Fortus 250mc & the Dimension 1200es SST for their build tray size, speed, ability to print detailed parts, and strong ABSplus thermoplastic material available in 9 different color options.

Fortus 250mc 3D Printer
Print Size: 10 x 10 x 12 inch
Layer Thickness: .007, .010, .013in
Materials: ABSplus – 9 color options
Software: Insights 3D printing software
Accuracy: .0095 inch

Dimension 1200es SST 3D Printer
Print Size: 10 x 10 x 12 inch
Layer Thickness: .010, .013 inch
Materials: ABSplus – 9 color options
Software: Catalyst 3D printing software

How To Buy A 3D Printer

Phone: 866.499.7500
Email: Sales@engatech.com
Online Form: Request A Quote
Locations: Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, Tulsa, OK, AR, & LA

Quick References

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Case Study: Peter McCann Architectural Models
Case Study: KMCA – A Model Production
3D Printing Services: Get your part 3D printed

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